Probability Tool for Bitsler

Bitsler Users can calculate their losing streak easily with the use of our tool.

BTSLR Challenge

Bitsler Coin Challenge win from the 111$ ETH prizepool 2 times every day.

Roll Verifier for Bitsler

Bitsler Users can verify Rolls with the help of revealed seed and Client Seed.

Lottery Roll Verify

Win up to 100$ ETH in Bitsler hourly lottery for GOLD 5+, PLATINUM and DIAMOND players!

Chest Verify

Rank up, earn cashback and chest rewards with our VIP program. Win up to $35,000 per chest!

Give Some Motivation

Bitsler Users MB2017 and Kinnaurigeet here. If Like our work or want to Give any Suggestion or Feedback then Contact Us.